• Sell your products on Fyndiq.
  • Automatically syncs inventory with your store.
  • All orders are collected in one place.

Sell on Fyndiq

Fyndiq is a great market place for most products. Fyndiq will continuously market your products for you. Selling on Fyndiq is a great way of quickly getting started to get your first order.

Automatic syncing

Whenever you update your products inventory on PandaCommerce, the inventory will automatically be synced with your products on Fyndiq. So you never need to worry about receiving orders when you are out of stock.

All orders in one place

When a customer buys your products on Fyndiq, fyndiq first receives the payment and the order magically appears on your stores order section. You will never need to log in on 2 different sites to keep track of your orders.

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