• Sell your products on Tradera
  • Supports "Tradera Butik"
  • Supports automatic restarts on ads, so you can keep selling!
  • Sweden's equivalent of eBay

Sell on Tradera

With this app you can put your products on Tradera within minutes. All you need is a regular account at Tradera.se and you are ready to go.

This app also supports merchant accounts with "Tradera Butik".

Normally your ads will be removed from Tradera upon selling or expiring ad. With Tradera Butik its easy to put all of your stock online and let Tradera do the marketing for you.

Order flow

A problem with selling on Tradera is that customers need to ask you how you'd like to be paid after placing an order. With this app the customer who wins the auction or purchase on Tradera will automatically receive a link to your stores checkout.

So all of your orders from Tradera will be together with the rest of your orders.

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Price: FREE
Developer: PandaCommerce