Add in Refund policy, Privacy policy and Terms of Service

At your e-commerce site you need to provide information about refunds, terms and conditions and the privacy of your customers information. In PandaCommerce admin you can add your information under [Preferences] and [Checkout & Payments]. It is also possible to generate a sample policy by hitting the button to the right. However, you should note that the terms of your service might be different to what is written in these samples, due to the nature of your business.

These texts are used in the checkout to provide information to your customers. Here is an example of what it looks like for the warehouse theme, where there is three links in the bottom of the checkout page.


How can I use these snippets of text on a page?

If you would like to generate a page which shows your refund policy for example you need to make a new page template and insert some code into the html. The following codes will add in the texts.

{{ shop.checkout.terms_of_service | newline_to_br }}
{{ shop.checkout.refund_policy | newline_to_br }}
{{ shop.checkout.privacy_policy | newline_to_br }}

Here is an example on how to create a refund policy page:

TIP: You will need to make changes in your theme file, a good practice before you do so is to duplicate the theme beforehand.

1. Edit theme view.

Go to [Themes] and press [Template editor] for the theme you want to edit. When you pressed [Template Editor] you will open up a view which shows your files to the right.

2. Create a new page template

Under the folder [templates] you can choose [create template]. When you press this you will get a dialoge where you need to choose what you want to create a template for and in this case it is for a [page]. You also need to name your template and "refund" is suiting for this purpose.

3. Add in {{ shop.checkout.refund_policyterms_of_service | newline_to_br }}

As you hit create you get your new page template, called page.refund.panda, opened in the editor. And you need to add in the line, {{ shop.checkout.refund_policy | newline_to_br }} , which will include the information for refunds. In the image below the line included is highlighted in blue. Please note that the original code might look different for you.

Remember to hit save!

4. Create a new page

Navigate to [Pages] and create a new page. In our case we name it "Refunds". When the page is created you can choose template and here our newly created page template "page.refund.panda" appears.


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