Add new product

Go to Main Men> Products > All Products.

Here you can Import products, Export, See Stock view, Add new product and search for products.

Press Add new product (top right) to add new product.

Add New Product

When you press the Add new product button, you will come to this menu.

Here you can fill in information for a new product or change information for an existing product.

You need to fill in these fields to be able to save a new product.

  • Title
  • Type
  • Reseller


Title is the name of the product. Title can be searched for (depending on theme).

Sök Produkt i tema Värmland

Seller argument

Shorter text in the form of a Bullet point placed under Title and Price.
Here you can list up to five different selling points for this particular product.

3 Sales arguments (below price) in Tema Värmland.

Product description

This text can be found under the two previous ones. Here you can tell more in detail about the product.

If you have several variations on a product such as. small and large bottle, sizes of clothes you add these further down under Categories.

Produktbeskrivning i Tema Värmland.


Here you choose the Product type for your product. You can also create new product type at Create a new type, at the bottom of the drop-down menu. Product types help you organize your goods and make it easier for customers to navigate in your shop.

Drop-down menu for Product Types


Here you choose the retailer for your products. You can also create new resellers at Create a new vendor, at the bottom of the menu.

Many customers prefer to shop via mobile. So do not forget to check out how your new product look like in mobile view. 

Stocks & Variants

Read more about variants here: Add a product variant

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