Add Stripe as a Payment Provider in PandaCommerce

Stripe is one of the fastest and easiest Payment Providers to connect to ecommerce platform PandaCommerce. Their verification process is fast and straightforward and after this setting upp in PandaCommerce is simple.

Step 1 - Create an Stripe account

Follow the link: Click here to go to Stripe and create a new account

In Stripe you need to add in information about you and your company, such as company name, and VAT number, IBAN number to your bank, and your contact information. You also need to add an image of a document such as passport to verifiy your identity.

Step 2 - Go to Checkout & Payment

Go to [Checkout & Payment] and choose [Stripe Direct] under [On-site payments] and press add.

When you do this a popup will appear where you are supposted to add "Publishable key" and "Secret Key" which can be found here:

When you have added these keys it is done!

Note that in Panda admin they are called "Public Key" and "Private Key" respectively, but it is the same.

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