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Blog articles is a powerful tool for communication, it will increase traffic to your site and improve your SEO. It is a great way to show expertise and create trust and engagement. All of which will generate more leads, increase conversions and thus sales.

You can choose to display the latest blog posts on your Index Page (start page in your webshop), without coding through the theme settings. In PandaCommerce you can add tags on blogposts and therefore more creatively choose how to display these on subpages or product pages. You can create multiple blogs for different purposes. For example, you can have a blog for news and one for tutorials.

To work on your Blog Articles Go to Main Meny > Blog Articles.

From here you can create new blog posts, manage blogs and comments. You can also Search for articles and Filter your results in different ways.

  • Title shows the title of the article.
  • Blog shows which blog (if you have several) each article is created in.
    You can move a blog post from one blog to another by going to the post and changing it under Blog.
  • Tags show which tags the blog post has. You can also change this even after publication by clicking on the blog post and going to Tags.
  • Authors show which user created each blog post.
  • Published shows the date and time when the article was made visible to visitors.
    You can create a blog post and make it hidden at the bottom of the text editor.

Write a new article

To create your first post, press Write a new article (top right).
The text and media editing tool has a variety of features for titles, centering, photo and video, links and more.
Authors are linked to the account you used to logged in with (for you who have several users).
If you have several blogs, you can choose which blog you want to post in.
With tags you can organize articles.
When you create a new article, it is always in visible mode by default. You can change the article to hidden whenever you want. This way you can save drafts or idéas for future publishing.

You can read more about the Text edit tools here: Text edit

Manage blogs

Here you can search for blogs, create a new blog and enter a blog by clicking on the blogs title (in blue). You can also navigate to Blog Articles via the white button (top).

Manage all comments

This window shows all the comments written by visitors to your blog.

Settings for turning off comments and previewing comments can be found under Manage blogs > Comments.

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