Collections is a smart way to group products in many ways.

You can use categories to organise any thing from type, gender to short-term campaigns, sales and seasonal products. On product can be sorted in more then one categories.

Go to Categories and press Create Collection.

Create Collections

Here you create a new Collection. The Collection text editor has a variety of features for formatting text, adding images and videos, adding and editing links etc.

Each Collections can have an image to illustrate it´s meaning. To upload an image, press Upload (bottom left).

Select products

There are two ways to choose products for a collection. Manually (one by one) or by creating a filter with one or more Conditions.


These two drop-down menus and a box where you fill in the text yourself, filter which items are to be included in each Collection.

Example: If you select Title and contains and then write sunglasses (in the empty box) , all products that are tagged with sunglasses will be included in this Collection.

To add additional condition, press the Add new condition (bottom left).

Link lists

To link a category from a particular place such as the Main Menu or Footer, you can add a list of links you have already created to the category. To create and edit link lists, go to Navigation in the Main Menu.


Here you choose whether a Collection should be visible or hidden to your visitors. You can also set a specific date for when it will be visible (Publication Date),

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