Find products to your webshop with BigBuy

If you need to find products to your webshop to increase the number of products or to start up without the need to invest in your own warehouse BigBuy can provide you with these. With a webshop from PandaCommerce you can easily integrate to BigBuy by using our BigBuy app which makes the order process automatic.

Do you not have a shop with us, don't worry you can sign up today! You have a 14 day free trial without any credit card required.

1. Install the app and Choose products

When you added the app to your store you will see a list of all the items possible to import to your store.

You import by marking the products you want to import in the list and then hit the "Action" button and choose "Import".

Please note that the products are imported with 0 in stock, this is updated in the next sync (we sync products every 3-4 hours).

2. Settings in the shop to automise your order management

When customers places orders in your shop you can set everything on automation and the goods will be shipped to your customer from BigBuy. Under [Checkout & Payment] and Order processing you choose the options

  • "Authorize and charge the customer's credit card."
  • "Automatically fulfill all of the orders line items."
  • "Notify customers of their shipment via email."

Learn more

Visit the BigBuy B2B shop to see the products available:

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