Fyndiq sales channel

Steps to start selling on Fyndiq.

Did you sell previously on Fyndiq with PandaCommerce? Read our information about what to do.

1. Activate the sales channel and add API keys

The first step is to activate Fyndiq as a Sales Channel and add API keys. API keys you will get från Fyndiq Merchant Center.

STEP 1: Go to Manage Channels and activate Fyndiq.se.

STEP 2: Add API keys (you get these from Fyndiq admin).

The sandbox environment is a specific account which needs to be requested from Fyndiq. 

2. Make general settings

  • VAT You need to add in a general VAT for your products. If you sell products with multiple VAT, choose the one here which is the most common, on each product you can choose a different VAT number.
  • DELIVERY TIME Add in min and max amount of days for your delivery.

3. Create categories

The next step is to add in the categories you need to use for your products. You need to add in an internal name and choose the corresponding Fyndiq category for this. 

When you choose category you do not need to use the lowest level, mark the level with the blue indicator to the left.

4. Modify your products

Go to the products you want to add to Fyndiq and modify the content and price. 

For a product to be published on Fyndiq it needs to have:

  • SKU
  • Price
  • Category
  • VAT (global setting can be used)

Add in the price and SKU under Inventory & Variants

The sales price for Fyndiq should include both shipping and tax and the lowest accepted price is 12 SEK.

5. Publish on Fyndiq

You are now ready to publish your article on Fyndiq. This can be done in two ways, through the product page or in bulk in the all products view.



Mark the products you want to publish in the All products view and hit the Actions button.

This opens a dialoge where you can edit the visibility; hit Edit visibility and check the tick-box for Fyndiq.se.

How the integration works

  • Products and inventory quantity goes from PandaCommerce to Fyndiq, this means that any changes done in Fyndiq will be written over if product is saved later in PandaCommerce. 
  • Orders comes from Fyndiq to PandaCommerce
  • Updates to orders such as fulfilment events and shipping information are sent to Fyndiq. 

  • The Order name is the 8 first characters of Fyndiqs order-id, this is also what should be used when communicating with the customer.
  • Fyndiq will not send the customer email and since we need a value in this field on our side we will create one from the customer name, but please note this is not a true email address.
  • Payment status is always PAID, since Fyndiq handles the payments on their side.
  • It is not possible to cancel an fulfilled order (limitation on the Fyndiq side) but it is possible to cancel an order not yet fulfilled.

Did you sell previously on Fyndiq through PandaCommerce?

  • Ensure you do not have any products with the same SKU manually added to the new plattform.
  • Unpublish the products and republish. 
  • Delivery notes cannot be printed through the app anymore. You can use our app PandaPrinter to create your own delivery notes and much more.

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