Get started with e-mails

You insert your outgoing email address* under [Email & Notifications], this is the address used for order notifications and similar communication with your customers. Under the [ShowMessages] button you can view the latest sent e-mails. It is also in here you can review your outgoing email in the "Email Templates" list.

*You need to use a mail provider to set-up the address, PandaCommerce does not provide this service.

Advanced settings - Use your e-mail provider

By inserting your SMTP settings, you can send e-mails through your e-mail provider. By doing so, it ensures your email to be delivered more robustly. You will also receive information about bounced emails from you e-mail provider.

If you don't insert your SMTP - server settings the mail delivery service from PandaCommerce is used. This server is shared with many other stores, which means that you will have less control over the status of the IP, and that your emails are tagged as spam more often.

SMTP settings from different e-mail providers:

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