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For those of you who are building your first shop, it is good to learn how to find your way in the Main Menu at an early stage. From here you can access all settings for subscriptions, languages, shops and much more. If you want a more in-depth article, there are links at the end of each paragraph.

User icon

Tap the icon at the top right to open the menu.

Here you will find language settings for you as a user. This controls the language used in menus and settings. There are currently English, Swedish and French.

Here is also a link to documentation that is more in-depth articles for developers.

At the bottom of the meny is where you log out of your account.

Show Shop & Multishop

The blue button on the left shows your shop as a customer experiences it.

The flag and Language button is for switching between multishop stores.

You can read more about multishops here: Multishops


The instrument panel serves as a checklist for you who build your first shop. It contains 7 steps with links to the settings you need to fill in to launch your shop.

Account settings

Under the Account Settings drop-down menu you will find these settings.

Manage Channels lets you manage the sales channels you want to connect to your shop.

In My account, you select subscriptions, add different types of staff accounts and here are also your invoices.

Taxes concern your store\'s state tax, sub-regions and any shipping tax.

You can read more about accounts here: Account


Here you can export orders, see Forgotten shopping carts, create orders manualy and search for orders.

By pressing an order number, you get to the respective order.

You can read more about orders here: Orders



In the Customers menu, you can, among other things, see where your customers live, how many orders they placed and how much they shopped for.
You can read more about customers here: Customers


Here you see your products in a list view. To edit a product\'s information, click on its name. You can also search for a specific product with or without filters.

All products

Shows all items in your shop, number of items sold, number in stock, type and retailer.

You can also import and export products via an csv document.

Stock view

Shows the number of items sold, SKU, stock policy, Stock location, Price, Comparative price, Purchase price Stock balance. Here you can also update the Stock Balance manually.

Product reviews

Here you will find product reviews written by your customers.

You can read more about products here: Add new product



Here you arrange goods in different categories. The Collection you create will (depending on the theme and settings) along with the Brands and Tags filtering features for your customers. This makes it easier for your customers to quickly find what they are looking for.

You can read more about collections here: Collections


Allows you to create, activate and deactivate discounts.

Blog Articles

Here you create and edit blogs and blog posts.
You can read more about Blog Articles here: Blogs and blogposts


In this menu you can create and edit subpages for your shop.

You can read more about pages here: Pages

Shop settings

In this menu you will find a number of important settings for your shop.

General settings handle Store Name, Account Email, Company, Phone & Address, Standards & Orders Format, Product Reviews, Google Analytics and Password Protection.

In Checkout & Payment, there are settings for On-site payments, Off-site payments, Offline payments, Customer accounts, Order processing, Cash input, Cash placement, Return, confidentiality and general terms and Save abandoned shopping carts.

Language handles translations for menus and text in your shop. English and Swedish are included in the basic version. You can create your own translations into other languages.

In DNS & Domains you can select the main domain, forward all traffic, encrypt traffic, and add a new domain.

Shipping handles Destinations, Logistics Services / Dropshipping and Tracking Addresses.

In E-mail & Notifications you will find settings for Outgoing e-mail, E-mail templates, Order messages and WebHooks.


Here you will find Installed apps, Find more apps and Private apps.

Product Import

Here you can import Products via a CSV file.

Customer Support

Opens the menu to get in contact with Customer support.

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