Link lists make it easier for your customers to quickly navigate to different places in your store. With Link Lists, you create links to products, subpages, blogs, search within the shop, your homepage and external URLs.

Some examples of how link lists are used

  • Individual products, as a product that is much talked about right now.
  • Categories of products such as SALE items or Christmas gift tips.
  • Subpages as information about your company, shipping or right of withdrawal.
  • Blog articles about upcoming products or expanded shipping options.
  • Link lists to link lists to build drop-down menus or hierarchical lists.
  • Link back to front page.
  • links to other websites such as your company\\\'s website or the shop\\\'s social media.

Examples of link lists with four different functions

Go to Navigation to get to Link Lists.

To create a new link list, tap Add link list (bottom left under the text Link lists).

Add Link List

Title is the name you give to your Link List.

The link lists Footer and Main Menu have already been created.

Handle is the address the link list receives. If you do not type in any thing, an address is automatically created.

Examples of what different link lists look like in the Wermland theme

The first two link lists (Coffe Machines and Coffe Capsules) are categories of products.

The fourth (drop down meny) links to search within shop, subpage, blog and collection of products.


Tap Add to add another feature to your link list.

Link name is the name you give to each link. Link name may have a different name than the link itself.

Links to is the function of each link.

The Trash can deletes the link you are on.

URL Redirects

Forwarding (301 links) ensures that old bookmarks and search results work. By entering the old path and the new one, your visitors end up right even if you have changed URL.

To create a Forwarding press Add URL redirect.

Add Forwarding

Old path is the old address that no longer works.
New path is the current address you want to link to instead.

To abbort your URL redirect edit press Close.
To save press Create.

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