Go to Main Meny > Orders.

From here you can see all placed orders in list form. You can also Search and filter for orders, Export orders in csv format, see Forgotten shopping carts and Create Orders manually based on parameters you fill in yourself.

Orders / # order number

To see more information about the order, tap on the order number on the left of the Order list. Here you can see detailed information about an order & the customer who placed it. Here you can also refund the customer, Archive orders, cancel orders and contact the customer via e-mail.

Forgotten Shopping Carts

Here you see the date, customer name, Reminder status, Rescue status and total cost.

Du som har Pro abonnemang har funktionen Rädda övergivna kundvagnar.

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Create Order

Here you can create your own orders based on parameters you fill in yourself.
You can search for existing customer by searching on its Email.

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