Introduction to Pages

Pages works just like subpages on a regular web site. You can use pages for things like information about freight information, return policies, etc.

You can link a Page from the header and/or footer on your shop\'s Index page. When you create a new shop, the pages Contact us and Welcome are included. To edit or delete a page, press the Page title.

To create a page, press Create a new page.

You can also search pages and filter your search by pressing + Filter.

Create a new page

The Page text editor (and blogg editor) has a variety of features for formatting text, adding images and videos, adding and editing links etc.

Link lists

To link your Page from your Index Page header or footer, click Add Link List. To edit links or add a link to a page you have already created, go to Main Menu > Navigation.

If you want to know more about Link Lists click here: Navigation


Here you choose whether a Page should be visible or hidden to your visitors. You can also set a specific date for when it will be visible (Publication Date).

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