Photo Editor

The Product Image Editor has five different files for different types of adjustments.

Crop: Crop, rotate, flip, or change aspect ratio.
Filter: Adds a ready-made filter to your product image.
Colors: Adjust Brightness, Contrast, Exposure, and Color Saturation.
Markup: Draw, add arrows, text rectangle or circle to the image.
Resize: Change the pixel size of the image.

The buttons for canceling, revert to last save and save can be found in all of the above tabs. You can jump between different tabs and adjust your image differently without saving it between each step. To save your editing, press Done. You can also undo your last edit by pressing Return.

Cancel closes the Image Editor window without saving.

Revert to the last saved version.

Done saves your latest changes. Note: This change creates a new version of your Product Image andcannot be reverted to previous version.

TIP: If you want to test an idea or feature in the Product Image Editor, you can always use the Return button and the image will return to the last saved version. This works as long as you don\'t press Done. (Pressing Done saves the image without the ability to revert to previous version.)


Crop, rotate, flip, or alter Aspect Ratio on your product image.

Rotates your image 90° to the left (one quarter turn) each time you press the button.

Flips the image horizontally each time you press the button.

Flips the image vertically each time you press the button.

Changes the slicer of the image in four different ways in this menu.

Free: Allows you to adjust the image freehand. Grasp and drag a side of the black frame of the image to change its slicer. You can never make an image larger than it was originally. Thus, the Image Editor cannot generate more background even if it is white or has a transparent background (PNG).

Portrait: Classic Portrait. Changes the image ratio to 1/1.25.

Square: Rectangle. Changes the image ratio to 1/1.

Landscape: Classic landscape image. Changes the image ratio to 1.33/1

Manual rotation

The slider under the product image allows you to rotate the image manually 1° at a time by grabbing and dragging the slider sideways. Because the Product Image Editor cannot add background, the image will be zoomed in to fit the size of the background when you rotate it.


Choose from four ready-made filters for quick image processing.
These are:
Original displays the image without filters.

A single image can look very different depending on the type of screen it appears on, how big the screen it is, and how the screen is calibrated. For example, iPhone has a very warm image reproduction. Therefore, it\'s always good to look at the adjustments you make on a few different screens to see how things like contrast or brightness will be experienced by your customers.


Manual image editing light, contrast, exposure and color saturation. These controls allow you to make more delicate adjustments than Filters.

Brightness affects the midtones of the image more than the darkest and brightest parts.

Drag the slider to the left to lower the contrast and to the right to raise.
NOTE: If you lower the contrast of an image with a white background, the background will be grayed out.

Exposure changes the light value of the entire image from black to white with a constant multiplication. Increasing exposure will effect black, midtones, and white exactly the same amount.

Saturation changes the color value of the image. Swipe left to decrease and right to increase. If you want to make the image black and white, drag the slider all the way to the left.


Here you can draw freehand, add arrows, text, rectangles and circles to your image.

Selector for which item you want to edit, move, or delete.

Draw freehand. You can choose the color and thickness of the lines you draw. Each time you release the mouse button, a separate object is created. This allows you to select each part and then change the color or thickness and delete that particular item.

Create a straight line without an arrow, with an arrow, or with arrows at both ends. You can choose the color and thickness of the lines you draw.

Type text in three different fonts and in five different sizes. You can also choose the color of your text.

Create a rectangle in five different styles and any color you like.

Create a circle in five different styles and in any color you like.

Color picker

Choose any color you like by selecting one color and manipulate it on the color board. You can also pick a color by typing in the RGB number of that specific color.


Change the actual size of the product image by typing in a new pixel width and/or height value.You can maintain the aspect ratio of the image to height or change them by pressing the padlock. 

Locked padlocks retain image proportions. When you enter a new pixel size in one field, one is automatically created for the other that retains the aspect ratio of the image.

Unlocked padlocks allow you to change the aspect ratio of the image so that it can be skewed at width or height.

When you are satisfied with your changes press the blue button.

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