Text editor

The text editor is used to edit products, categories, blog posts and pages. With it, you can write and format text in different ways, add images and video, insert tables, hyperlinks and more. The text editor is sometimes called WYSIWYG which stands for "what you see is what you get". The things you do in the Text Editor will look pretty much the same as it will look when you publish it. Note that the theme controls things like font, text color and size.

Examples of how what you do is what you get
This is how these different text styles look in the editor.

Text editor functions


Format has four sizes of title, plain text and code. Headline sizes are also called H1, H2, H3 etc where H1 is largest. This gives the reader a hierarchical overview of headings and subheadings.

Code shows source code such as HTML and CSS.

Bold is coarser text to draw attention to a particular word.

Italics are used to mark things like names, foreign expressions, concepts and more.

Underlined text is used to highlight or distinguish words from other text. This method was more common in the past.

Strike text creates a line through all text. This is used, among other things, to mark correction of older text as it is important that the original text remains.

Font size changes size where 8 is the smallest and 96 is the maximum.

Color changes the color of Text or Text Background. When you press Color, you will see this menu. At the top, select whether you want to edit Text or Background.

To turn off colored text or background, tap the blur (bottom right).

More color choices with Hex code

If you want to choose from all available colors (for web), you can enter Hex code for the color you want at the bottom left under Hex color. Then press Ok.


Adjust controls whether text should be left-aligned, centered, right-aligned, or aligned. Adjusted text (last in the menu) is based on left-hand adjustment but increases the space between the words so that the text becomes more airy.

Reduce Indent reduces the left indent, that is, the space to the left of the text.

Increase Indent increases left indent, that is, the space to the left of the text.

Insert object

Insert link creates a hyperlink to another URL. Enter the URL below the URL. Edit linked word under Text. If you want the link to open in a new tab, check the Open in new tab box. To create the link, click Insert.

Edit link

To edit a link you have already created, click on the link. Then the Edit Link menu will appear. There you can Open Link, Edit Link and Delete Link.

Insert Image allows you to add images. You can drag and drop an image from your computer to your text, but this does not work with links. To use the menu, proceed as follows: Touch Insert Images. Then you get this menu.

Tap the arrow to choose to upload an image from your computer. Then tap in the dashed box to select the file on your computer.

Tap the link to upload an image from the URL. (Web link from an image.)

Paste the link at http: and then tap Insert.

Insert Video lets you add a video from the URL or via embedded code.

Tap By URL to add a video from the URL. Paste a URL, then tap Insert.

Tap Embedded code to add video video via embedded code. Paste the embedded code, and then tap Insert.

This button is a previous feature that will disappear in a future update.

Insert Table allows you to add a table of any size. Tap Insert Table to open this menu. Then choose how many columns and rows you want. Press again to insert table.

Editera tabell

To edit a table you have already inserted, press in the table, the menu for Edit table opens.

Table head

Delete table




Cell background

Vertical adjustment

Horizontal adjustment

Disordered List creates a list in bulleted form.

Ordered List creates a numbered list.

Quotes make selected text stand out through a vertical line to the left of the text and by giving the text purple color. To change the color, select the text and select another color under Colors.


Remove Formatting

Full screen

Code vy


Quick Insert Image, Video, Table, Disorder List, Order List, Insert Horizontal Line


If you paste text from another document, it may come with unwanted formatting.

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