Frequently asked questions

Do you have any cancelling time's or minimum contracts?

Nope, you can cancel your account any time you want. You can also upgrade or downgrade packages as you please.

Why are your prices in USD? I want to pay in my local currency.

You are probably still on one of our earlier subscription plans when we only had USD, now we offer Euro and SEK payments.

How about backups in case everything burns up?

We do daily backups of everything which are then spread across different geographical locations for maximum sustainability.

When do you charge a transaction fee?

Depending on your subscription, whenever an order is made through your web shop or through a sales channel managed by PandaCommerce. Some Apps can also have a sales commission, if stated on the product page for the app.

How do i start accepting payments in my web shop?

First of all you need to register a merchant account with one of our many payment providers, then enter the credentials into your web shop's payment settings and you are ready to go.

How do i start selling my products on for example eBay?

You need to register an account with the sales channel you want to connect then simply press the "tab" key and go to manage channels, enter your credentials and a publish your products.

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