Cancel anytime, without notice
Operations 24/7
Unlimited traffic
Free SSL certificate
Documentation and guides
Chat and email support
Own domain name
Online administration
Multilingual admin
Desktop, tablet and mobile admin
Multiple staff accounts
Role based accounts (limited access)
Sales statistics
Visiting statistics
Create pages
Create blogs
Create your own design (theme)
VAT and tax settings

Manage shippingsettings

Settings för cat and checkout

Multiple payment gateways

Increased functionality with apps

Product management
Maximum products 50 SKU:s 1000 SKU:s Unlimited
Product collections

Product texts

Product features

Vendor and product type

Manage product images

Multiple product variants

Unique variant pricing

EAN and SKU numbers

Egna produktattribut

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Editable product information for different sales channels

Pricing in different currencies Multishop
Product texts for multiple languages Multishop
Visibility for sales channels and shops

Product reviews

Inventory management

Inventory policy

Multiple inventories

Product imports

Export products

Ordermanagement and customer data
Order status
Order search
Create filters
Archive orders
Partial fulfilments

Partial payments (depends on payment gateway)

Partial refunds (depends on payment gateway)

Manual orders
Send payment link
Refund management

Edit order confirmation email and other communication
Printing options
Settings for automatic ordermanagement
Unlimited amount of customers
Create filters for customer segments

Export customer data

Anonymization of customer data

Responsive design

Internal checkout - use the checkout in the theme and access code to edit.
Language management - write text in multiple languages
Advanced discounts
Theme settings - change colors and content without code knowledge

Editor for pages, product pages and collection pages

Edit html

Navigation through link lists
Support for blogs - set up multiple blogs
Automatic content for search engines

Metadata support

Manage URLs

Open API
Increase functionality with apps from our appstore
Your own integrations (Appar)
OAuth2 security with limited access
Private apps
API Documentation
API for product management, order management, customers, theme and much more.

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