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never sold online before?

Never sold online before?

Don't worry! PandaCommerce is designed to be easy to use with a fast learning curve without saving on the functionality. Therefore PandaCommerce is a perfect solution for beginners and experts alike.

You are welcome to contact our support any time and we will help you get started.
For a brief overview you can read our Introduction manual

Easy checkout

Easy checkout

Don't lose customers on a confusing checkout process.

PandaCommerce comes with a secure and encrypted one-page checkout without unnecessary clicking. This makes checking out quick and smooth.

fully automated

Make your business automatic

What are your goals in life? No matter if you are thinking about dropshipping or selling your own products.

PandaCommerce will save you a lot of working hours by using built-in fulfillment system or by using Apps from the app store while you are doing what you are good at.

the future is mobile

The future is mobile and beautiful.

Did you know that around 20% of all online purchases are made from a mobile device? That number is growing every year. That is why all of our themes are responsive, which means that it looks great on any device, anywhere.

entire site

Create an entire website

PandaCommerce is a complete content management system that lets you build and manage your entire website. Along with our powerful e-commerce functionality, you get the tools to easily create About Us pages, contact forms, banners and much more.

Search engine friendly

Search Engine Friendly

The most important source of customers is through search engines. That is why PandaCommerce lets you fine-tune SEO friendly tags like for example meta title, h1 titles and more.

There are also SEO apps in the app store to help you get the top position on search engines.

Content Delivery Network

Built for speed

All stores hosted by PandaCommerce automatically enjoys our CDN (Content Delivery Network). Which means that pages load faster, no matter where in the world your customers are. Additionally, this makes search engines rank you even higher.

multi shop language currency

Languages / Multi-site

You can create additional stores that connects with your products. This means that you can have more than 1 language to reach worldwide customers or you can also make niched stores selling only a certain kind of product.

Customer support

Need help?

Our partners offer customers who doesn't want to get their hands dirty professional help with anything from Designing the store, Product photography, Custom apps for special needs, etc. Contact us to get a preferred partner recommendation for you.

Designing your store

Designing your store is easy, every shop comes with the Theme Store, where you can install and customize a complete theme or create your own!

theme store

Theme Store

The first step when designing your store is choosing a theme that you like from the Theme Store. After you can easily customize the theme to fit your need or create your own.

theme settings

Theme settings

Every theme from the theme store are configurable easy as 1, 2, 3.

edit css html panda

Control all HTML & CSS

PandaCommerce gives you access to all CSS, HTML to let you change things exactly how you want it. Learn how to create your own designs by reading our Design manual

Set up Products

Virtually anything can be sold using PandaCommerce, from physical goods like t-shirts or watches, to services like yoga courses, to digital goods like e-books or music.

product options

Product options

Create options for your products as you like, such as size, color and shape — each with its own SKU, price, weight and stock level.

It's also possible to let your customers customize their products by adding configurable fields to fill in, such as engraving text for an iPod or even let customers design entire t-shirts by themselves

stock level

Stock tracking

Save time by letting PandaCommerce track your stock levels automatically. This allows you to always be on top of your inventory and never run out of stock on your best sellers.

Checkout & Payments

Receive money and control your customers checkout experience

accept payments with PandaCommerce

Accept payments

PandaCommerce comes with a set of integrated payment methods that allows you to accept creditcards directly in your store. You can also add your own, for example Cash on Delivery, Bank transfers and others.

customer accounts settings

Customer Accounts

You control whether you want your customers to check out as guests

change checkout location

Custom checkout

You are in control of how your customers checkout, you can re-design and change the location of the checkout. Do you want customers to check out directly in the cart or have your own custom checkout or using PandaCommerce's built in one?

secure and encrypted

Secure & Encrypted

PandaCommerce is certified PCI Compliant. Which means that all sensitive payment data is encrypted using SSL and never saved on our servers. This is one of the great benefits of using a hosted e-commerce service. Save time and hassle by letting us make sure it is secure.

abandoned cart

Save abandoned carts

Give your customer a discount code or special offer to make them come back!

Discounts & Promotions

Discounts and promotions are essential to any business to attract more customers.

sale tag

Regular discounts

Put on a summer sale with 20% discount for the spring collection, easily change the price on thousands of products with one click.

discount coupon

Discount Codes

Give the customer a discount code to use in the checkout to give for example free shipping or discount on certain products

bulk discount

Bulk discounts

Set up price tiers for your products, buy 10x to get 5% discount and 20x to get 10% discount and so on.

upsell discounts

Up-sell discounts

Discounts based on what your customer's got in the cart. If your customers buy a radio controlled car you can offer your customer to buy the batteries at 50% discount or you can put on a "buy 2 get 1 free" offers as well.

Shipping & Fulfillment

Set up how you want your products to be shipped.



With PandaCommerce it is easy to set up weight- or price-based shipping rates for every destination, you can also disable or adjust prices for individual states or provinces in different countries.



Dropshipping is a great way for start-ups to start selling online without spending money on stock. Dropshipping works so that instead of buying stocks, you let the supplier deliver your orders for you directly from their warehouse or factory. PandaCommerce is an excellent tool for dropshippers. Send your dropship orders by sending a simple e-mail for each order or create a custom fulfillment service with stock tracking and real-time updates.

fulfillment service

Fulfillment Services

In a way using a fulfillment service is a bit like dropshipping, except it is all your own products. A fulfillment service is a warehouse who packs and delivers orders on your account. Often fulfillment services has a network of warehouses around the world, to cut prices and shipping time. With PandaCommerce it is easy to set up so that your fulfillment service automatically receives orders, so you can concentrate on other things.

real time shipping rates

Real-time shipping rates

You can also automatically load the prices from your favorite shipping services, always giving you an accurate price based on the weight of the order.

Apps & Integrations

All of PandaCommerce's webshops comes connected to a growing App Store.

app store

App Store

Find the tools you need in the app store. Your store may have special needs that are not covered by the basic PandaCommerce platform. Developers are continuously creating new apps to fit your needs. Can't find what you are looking for? Contact us and we are happy to help.



If you are a developer you might want to receive notifications for certain events in your store instead of using the API to poll for changes. Webhooks send out data in JSON format to a desired URL.


OpenSource API

Using our REST API service anybody with the know-how can create apps to extend the functionality of the platform. For example you can connect your e-commerce with your retail store's stock tracking. The possibilities are endless, checkout our API reference.
There are open source API clients for nodejs and php which should get you started quickly.

Store settings

Setting up tax rates and currencies and other settings is easy with PandaCommerce.

use your own domain name

Your Own Domain Name

Setting up your domain name is easy and free.If you do not already own a domain you can register a new one directly in your store's backend at reasonable prices.

email templates

Custom e-mails

Every e-mail that is sent from your store, such as order confirmations, cart reminders or account invitations can be fully customized

staff accounts

Staff accounts

You can add an unlimited number of staff accounts to your store to manage your products, discounts & promotions or blogs and more.

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