Fortnox Bokföring

Install App €20.00/month
Developer: PandaCommerce
  • Save loads of time on bookkeeping
  • Focus on selling instead of administrating
  • Keep track of your order value history in Fortnox

Integrate your webshop from PandaCommerce directly to Fortnox, save loads of time and money on administrative work and focus on your sales instead.
The app synchronizes all of your products with fortnox, so you have full insight of your inventory across all of your sales channels

Last but not least, your orders will be booked directly into Fortnox, which saves you even more time.

How the integration works

Every time an order is places through PandaCommerce or from some of your sales channels or an order is updated, these events are bookkeeped in Fortnox. Customers associated with each order is also imported to Fortnox.

This app always synchronizes order values for all products with a set SKU and inventory tracking. You could also import old products from Fortnox into PandaCommerce.

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