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  • Personalisation tools cover the entire customer journey
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Personalisation works

Personalising your webshop can help boost your conversion rate, average order size and overall business performance. You can achieve this through the addwish business solution - with no extra work.

Personalisation is an invaluable tool for capturing conversions. By changing how users are experiencing your webshop, you can change how they behave.

addwish business takes the hard work out of personalisation and makes personalisation effortless.

The addwish business solution can provide access to the following personalisation features:

Product recommendations

You’re in charge of how to segment your customers and what to show them, the addwish business makes it happen.

Dynamic search

Conversion rates through site search can be up to 50% higher. Make sure your visitors find what they are looking for.

Newsletter content

Including personalised recommendations in newsletters are an effective way to boost Click-Through Rates with up to 250%.

Triggered emails

Win back customers and capture more conversion through smart event triggered email notifications.

Personalised banners

Extend your marketing reach with retargeting banners, pulling lost customers back to your shop.

Wish list

Offer customers somewhere to save items they would otherwise forget or leave behind.


Deep insights & sales performance tracking. Great results don't matter if they can't be measured.

Price disclaimer

The €2 monthly subscription for the addwish business App on the PandaCommerce platform is solely a fee, covering the costs of the PandaCommerce specific App. A paid subscription for the addwish business solution is required to use the addwish specific personalisation features listed above. Please reach out to addwish business via https://business.addwish.com/contact-us/ to get a price quote for the addwish business solution.

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