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Get it on paper

With PandaPrinter you can create your own fully customizable PDF templates with little know-how. The standard is A4 papers, but more can be added if you need it. There are two types of prints, single order and order-flow prints.

Single order print

Single order print is when you use 1 paper for 1 order. For example invoices and packing slips.

Order-flow prints

When you summarize and go through all of the selected orders and put it into a single data-flow. For example when you print a pick list or address labels. That means when you print a pick list you firstly want a summarization of all the items to pick and on the other pages you want to know which items goes with which order.

Comes installed with pre-made templates

The most normal templates comes with the installation and they are, invoices, address labels, pick lists and packing slips. They are great examples of how to create your own templates.

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